I built this site as a journal to highlight projects I have worked on, and to share insights garnered from the implementation of data science tools. 

Key Goals

In providing an overview of projects I want to demonstrate how invaluable these tools can be for making sense of data, and document the processes.


My superpower is understanding everyone’s needs and getting them to work together, which is particularly helpful if your organization has many groups with competing interests. As a researcher and technologist I am accomplished in analytics, data mining, and visualization. I have used linear programming to maximize or minimize outcomes, and integer programming to solve for cost savings and optimization. I am experienced with EDA and statistical modeling with structured and unstructured data. This portfolio website provides an overview of projects I have completed with different statistical and machine learning models. It includes linear and logistic regression models, classifier comparison, clustering, and machine learning ensemble methods. I have also built dashboards with Tableau, and data pipelines with the inclusion of Apache software e.g. Hadoop, HDFS, MapReduce, HIVE, and Spark. My primary programming languages are R, Python, and SQL and I also have experience with shell scripting, Regular Expressions, C++, Excel, and Java.

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